High Touch/High-Tech

Effective integration is 50% art and 50% science.

PM+P addresses both the art and the science of effective integration. Our unique "high touch/high tech" approach allows us to direct value preservation, value realization, and value creation in both the planning and execution phases.

Dealing with corporate cultural issues requires a "high touch" approach. Failure to effectively address and mitigate the risks inherent in cultural differences is one of the primary causes for business integration breakdown. PM+P is well-known for its ability to effectively cultivate a positive environment and nurture people through major organizational change…and no change is greater than a merger or acquisition. Our first focus centers on the people and cultural issues – within and across both organizations -- in order to stabilize the business and prevent value erosion. We coach your leadership team and train your staff to work together effectively, building cross-company teams for integration planning and the subsequent execution of key activities. As the “intermediary” between two organizations, we assure that essential communication occurs with all stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers, and investors – assuring that confidence is maintained from the moment your plans are announced.

Prouty, Montgomery + Partners also brings "high tech" elements to enhance your merger integration efforts. We have the tools, frameworks, methodologies, best practices, and software support structures that allow your staff to focus on content, while PM+P focuses on the overall business integration process. We bring the essential resources and capabilities to your project, work with your team to use these tools effectively, and build in-house capabilities and experience so that you develop a repeatable, reusable merger integration model. Key to our project delivery is a flexible, adaptable M&A technology platform for easy access, storage, and distribution of tools, methodologies and best practices. When our work concludes, we also provide you with PM+P’s framework, methodologies, and best practices, coupled with content developed specifically for you through our M&A work together.