There are seven critical factors essential to integration success: strategy, focus, leadership, technology, balance, rigor, and people. You must address all seven throughout the transaction lifecycle. PM+P keeps a finger on the pulse of all seven and works with you to assure an effective, risk-reduced outcome.

When it comes to operating and managing your day-to-day business, you’re the expert. However, complex, challenging, and high value/high risk projects, such as mergers and acquisitions, often require additional, specialized skills and capabilities. PM+P adds this value. We bring depth and breadth to your organization, providing essential services and expertise to drive the successful execution of large, complex business transactions. Our leveraged model teams PM+P’s experienced management consultants and subject-matter experts with key members of your organization to successfully manage mergers, joint ventures, consolidations, spinoffs, divestitures, and/or licensing agreements. This hand-in-glove approach enables PM+P to develop in-house competency – a significant “plus” when it comes to handling future transactions.