A fast-start integration planning session for the key executives of the acquiring company
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M&A Integration Planning Executive Workshop

At PM+P we have found one of the fastest and most effective ways to mobilize an organization for successful planning and execution of a Merger and Acquisition Integration effort is through a one-day, highly-focused Executive Workshop centered on developing and designing the top-down strategy and approach for the overall integration effort. This workshop sets the strategic context for the overall integration effort; builds consensus within the management team as to the plan forward, the approach and key issues to address; and outlines the high level plan forward and the key structure, resources, and actions to achieve acceleration of the effort, stabilization of the businesses, and capture of the expected synergies.

While the ideal time to conduct this executive session to design the M&A Integration Game Plan is prior to the date of public announcement, these workshops have proven effective even after the transaction has been publicly disclosed.

While each M&A Integration Playbook Workshop is customized to the particular client organization and where they are in the M&A integration process, these are the typical components addressed in a highly focused and impactful working sessions.

The Integration Planning Executive Workshop objectives:

  • Secure management alignment on the acquisition and integration objectives
  • Outline the conceptual view of the approach by function and value driver
  • Set a realistic view of the timing for the overall integration and phases
  • Identify the best practices that will be leveraged
  • Address key activities prior to close
  • Define business stabilization and value preservation
  • Bring focus to key issues and concerns from both sides
  • Outline the structure, the processes and resources to execute the integration
  • Prepare for announcement day

Anticipated outcome:

  • A top-down, high-level plan and approach for effective integration over the next 10,30, 60 and 90 days
  • Leadership focus and mobilization for the acceleration in Time-to-Value
  • Management alignment and consistent messaging on the path forward
  • Readiness for fast launch of key pre-close activities and priorities, including Date of Announcement
  • Priorities and focus on key activities to address post-transaction issues, barriers and challenges
  • Setting the governances, the infrastructure, management, and metrics for managing the integration program

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