Why PM+P

When it comes to managing all aspects of an integration PM+P has the edge. These are a few of the benefits PM+P brings to your project.

Value begins eroding on the Date of Announcement and will continue unchecked, unless advance risk mitigation steps are taken. PM+P plans and executes the strategy to stem erosion and conserve value.

  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Proven Methodology, Tools, and Templates
  • Unique “High-Touch/High Tech” Approach
  • Flexible Working Model, Tailored to Your Needs
  • Competitive Pricing, including Contingency Billing
  • Successful Track Record of 60+ Projects

Over the course of 60+ projects, clients have relied on the expertise of the PM+P team of specialized management consultants to assist with all of the critical integration activities.

  • Jumpstart integration planning and accelerate the pace of integration (subject to regulatory constraints, if applicable)
  • Identify, evaluate, quantify, and capture synergies
  • Reveal cultural and operational risks
  • Address complex Human Resources issues (severance, retention, transition)
  • Assist with in aligning and integrating executives
  • Augment in-house resources
  • Transfer knowledge of methodologies and techniques, including program governance
  • Install and operate an Integration Management Office (IMO)
  • Establish key performance indicators
  • Track captured benefits
  • Plan/conduct Day One readiness assessment plan
  • Prepare 100-Day integration plans
  • Plan/launch communications programs
  • Advise on post-merger turnarounds