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  • Jack Prouty appointed President of the M&A Leadership Council

    Jack Prouty, the Managing Partner of Prouty, Montgomery + Partners was appointed to the Board of Directors of the M&A Leadership Council in November of 2009. In November of 2010, he was appointed President of the M&A Leadership Counci. The role of the M&A Leadership Council is to share thought leadership and best practices to M&A practitioners.

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  • The M&A Leadership Council presents "The Art of M&A Integration", a two day management workshop.

    This workshop provides participants with the knowledge, frameworks, tools, structures and best practices necessary to be more effective in M&A integration. Insights into the dynamics of the acquisition and integration process and the lessons learned in managing resources across the life cycle of the transaction will be discussed along with concrete, clear and practical tools and techniques. The participants will leave the workshop with tangible methods and tools to more effectively plan and manage business integration within their organizations.

    This two-day interactive workshop is a vehicle the M&A Leadership Council deploys to leverage the expertise of their subject-matter experts to the benefit of those executives and middle managers who need to build their knowledge and toolkit.

    Jack Prouty, Managing Partner of PM+P, co-leads this workshop. In 2010 this workshop was offered in Dallas, TX; Washington, DC; and San Francisco, CA. In 2011 Jack will again be co-leading this valuable and highly rated program. Here is the current schedule for 2011:

    • January 18 and 19….. Dallas, TX
    • February 8 and 9……. London, UK
    • March 8 and 9 ………. Los Angeles, CA
    • May 17 and 18………. Chicago, IL
    • September 13 and14… Dallas, TX
    • November 8 and 9…… San Francisco, CA

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